JumpAsFarAsYouCan is about relaxation and progress and memory, sharpen your jumping skills,jump far as you can and stay alive avoid falling down as you slide through ,the box is stop on each platform that you fall on.
Jump As Far As You Can the game is slow and relaxable and the box stop’s on each platform. How far can you go?

JumpAsFarAsYouCan now available on PlayStore Sharpen your jumping skills to hit the target each time:


Get it here!!‚ě°http://bit.ly/2DwNzYD




Available on steam:


DungeonGOGO is a challenging precision platformer where you escaping from light prison and help rescue your friends from their secrets chambers where they are holded.

In the game you must find all secrets rooms and unlock all your friends.

The game is hard,do try to not break your Controller ūüôā
Nice and minimalistic graphics.
Hardcore gameplay.
40 Levels to open and 20 secrets to find.
Controller support in the game.

When you see this

Be aware , there is secret nearby…



Available on steam:



Available on Steam:

(The game style is a randomly generated action 2D platform shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements, game is very like Binding of isaac and Rogue Legacy . )

During the game you have to collect all the pictures of you’r self-development and life style, and each picture adds an important detail to your house, until eventually the house becomes from a scary place to a beautiful and neat place.
-Find lots of items that give you special abilities.
-Fighting all the bosses.
-And of course collect the pictures that change the world outside.


its can be written in dev-cpp 4 but now its Upgraded to 5 the problem that i cannot find why its only compile it to 64 bit


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